Speaking Engagements

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Ivan takes you through over a decade of loss and darkness, as he highlights the grit and determination needed to navigate adversity, teaching audiences about cultivating the endurance needed to always carry on.

With a sense of humor and ease, Ivan has been challenging athletes, soldiers, executives, sales professionals, and everyday warriors, across the globe,

Ivan’s stories and adventures has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, CNN, Fox News, and more.

Speaking Topics

Ivan will discuss his life story, love of the military, devastating injuries that left him blind, and the mental anguish of survivor’s guilt.  His daily fight to survive and remain himself has led him on a long twisted journey around the world to places like the South Pole, Kilimanjaro, and across the Sahara.  You will walk through his moments of complete darkness, and despair and learn how the power of athletics and competition provided him with a vision and gave him the courage to move forward, one step at a time.  A great speech for any athletic event or after dinner speaking need.

Ivan’s speech will leave your audience knowing that with a little courage, perseverance, anything is possible all you need is the willingness to move forward, one step at a time.    

A 30-40-minute Keynote Address about the ability to move through any setback or failure with a positive mindset and the will to keep moving forward out of the darkness.

Ivan will discuss the important concepts of vision and velocity; vision, so you can see the risks ahead, velocity, so you can move forwards and take these risks on, head strong.  Your audience will leave realizing risk is essential for growth and everyone is responsible for navigating their own success.

Listen to Ivan’s engaging personality as he provides Lessons in Leadership cultivated through 28 years of service in US Military and US Army Special Forces.  Ivan’s humbleness and willingness to share some mistakes along the way will help your audience change their perception that what is seen as an error or failure can actually be a gift.  Ivan firmly believes in the saying “You must learn from the mistakes of others as you can’t possibly live long enough to make them all yourself”.